Mammalwatching Meeting 2020/21 – Survey

Dear Mammal watchers

As we have already suggested a few days ago, we would like to do more for mammals than just watch – we would like to conntect the enthusiasts and experts around the world and discuss in a first mammal watching meeting how we could play a part in conservation and protection of our beloved mammals.
Since the feedback last time was good (thanks for the comments!) we decided to try it.
We learned how to vote on anything and everything in our country Switzerland – so here is a survey for you to fill out:

Don’t worry, the thing says that it takes only about 3 minutes.
Please don’t forget to write your e-mail so that we can contact you for further information.
Also please don’t expect a perfect organisation – we are no tour operators, the only thing we organised so far was our wedding 🙂 We would therefore be grateful for any help!

Manuel and Sophie

  1. Samuel 3 years ago

    Very good idea and initiative
    I tried to file the survey but for some reason it didn’t work. It said a couple of times ” ! This question requires an answer” although I did answer and then it doesn’t go through…

  2. Peggy Faucher 3 years ago

    I just tried filling out this survey but got an error indicating that I needed to answer questions 2 & 3 even though I answered them.

  3. Author
    Manul 3 years ago

    Sorry for that! I took out the obligatory thing and it should work now.

  4. Peggy 3 years ago

    Yes, it works now. Thanks!

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