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Javan Rhino Tour  June 1 -10, 2020

There are two places left on this unique tour that explores part of the world that are rarely visited, and so to get a good idea of what to expect we recommend you read through the below information thoroughly.
We have outlined a detailed itinerary for the entire trip. However due to the movements of the rhinos and other factors (such as tides, vegetation cover, weather etc) we will change the itinerary to give us the best possible chance of seeing a rhino.

Rest assured that whether we see a rhino or not you will be among the first ever non-scientists to ever attempt a sighting in the core area of the park and pioneers at the start of ecotourism here that could save the Javan rhino.

On our first Javan Rhino Expedition in 2018 we had an incredible double Javan Rhino sighting. Two different individuals over the course of one incredible day.

More details are here This trip is guided by Vladimir Dinets.

Optional 5 day Endemic Mammals of Java extension

This trip is run in conjunction with our popular and unique Javan Rhino Expedition, combining these two trips can result (with a little good luck) in a 2 week trip that could produce all of the endemic mammals of the island. Our Javan rhino tour will focus on the rhino obviously and will be based solely in Ujong Kulon National Park. Our Endemic Mammals of Java tour is run at the start and finish of the Javan Rhino tour and so are easily combined. This trip will explore forests in and around two other national parks, the mountainous and rugged Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park. Here many of the species we are targeting are present. We also have some other locations nearby for other animals which may prove a little hard inside the thickly forested park (such as the Javan slow loris), so we remain flexible on this trip so we can move from location to location and get to the best and most reliable locations for the endemic mammals based on recent movements.

This is a short extension trip that focuses on the wonderful and endemic species to Java, these include the Javan lutung, Javan gibbon, Javan warty-pig, Javan slow loris, Javan small-toothed civet, Javan mongoose, Javan ferret- badger, Javan treeshrew and Grizzled leaf monkey. Of course we cannot guarantee any or all of these species but we will do our very best to get all of them and other species.

More details are here .

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