Advert: Kalahari Tracking with the Ju/’hoansi San & Wildlife Watching in the Okavango Delta, March 2 – 12

This sounds like an amazing trip!

Supporting indigenous trackers, local people, and community owned businesses

with Senior tracker guides Lee Gutteridge and Kersey Lawrence. Original Wisdom.

Botswana, Southern Africa, 2-12 March 2020.

This program, over a period of ten nights and eleven days, is a once-in-a-lifetime, life-changing experience. You will travel with Senior tracker guides Lee Gutteridge and Kersey Lawrence on this specially designed adventure for trackers, wildlife watchers, and cultural enthusiasts from across the world. We will live in amazing style in our own mobile camp, traveling across the desert in comfort in order to spend time in the field with expert trackers and foragers from one of the most ancient cultures on earth, the Ju/’hoansi Bushmen of the western Kalahari. Also known as the !Kung of the San Culture of people, these denizens of this harsh environment will teach us about their traditional ways, foraging and tracking, and help us to understand their disappearing way of life. At night, we will sit together around the campfire and, if we are lucky, perhaps the Ju/’hoansi will share the ancient stories, music, and dance of their people with us.

You will walk in the ancient footprints of our ancestors, in the probable birthplace of tracking. Two expert trackers will guide you and protect you, as you explore the dry African Kalahari Desert. Lee and Kersey are both Senior Trackers and Evaluators on the internationally renowned CyberTracker system of evaluating trackers. What this means is that they have earned Specialist level qualifications, the highest level that can be earned, in BOTH Track and Sign and Trailing. We will completely immerse ourselves in the track and sign identification and interpretation aspect of tracking, stopping to question everything we see, hear, smell, sense… from the micro to the mega. We will also practice following the trails of our African mega-fauna – learning about their behaviours and about how to follow a trail with every step.

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