New Trip Report: La Selva Costa Rica

I’ve uploaded a new trip report for a week-long trip to La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica last July/August: . Highlights included Silky Anteater, Northern Naked-tailed Armadillo digging up a Bullet Ant nest, and Baird’s Tapir.

I’m months behind on photos, but here’s a new set from CICRA Los Amigos in Peru from December 2018/January 2019:



  • Bram

    I know this is a very old post, but I am going to Costa Rica this year and most likely to La Selva. So I was naturally berry interested in this trip report. Unfortunately the link doesn’t seem to work anymore. Can you help me by sending me the trip report. Thank you in advance.

  • Ben S

    The link works for me, but I emailed Jon my trip report so he can post it locally. (By the way, it’s funny that I posted that “I’m months behind on photos” here as I’m years behind now!).

  • Jon Hall

    Thank you Ben for the fast response. I have now added the PDF direct to the site and edited the link in this post – hope it works for you now Bram and please send a report when you get home

  • Bram

    Thank you Jon and Ben, the link works now. Looking forward to reading the trip report. I will definitely send a report of my own after my trip.

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