Advertising Pantanal – Jaguar Wildlife Photo Tour: 20 July – 1 August 2020

Join us to the Pantanal, one of South America’s most fascinating nature areas with a unique variety of species. What makes this area so special is the excellent photo opportunities that you find in the open environments. We will explore these, either on foot or safari truck over the savannahs or in the comfort of a boat on one of the Pantanal’s many rivers. Outside Africa, there is no other area that is comparable to the Pantanal in terms of density of larger animals. Nowhere in the world is there a better chance to photograph the normally so shy jaguar, South America’s largest feline, than right in the Pantanal. The special feature here is that jaguars are very tolerant of the presence of people after many years of absence of hunting and it provides unique photo opportunities.
On the trip we spend five whole days in prime jaguar habitat. We do it during the dry season to maximize our chances to see wild jaguars up close. We use our knowledge about their behaviour that we have built up during the years to be able to give our clients an opportunity to see a range of jaguar behaviours in the wild, including hunting. To further maximize our chances to see hunting jaguars we also spend full days on the river, as opposed to most other tour operators that spend two hours to go back and forth to the lodge for lunch during prime jaguar hunting time.
But all is not about jaguars of course. The area is home to more than 300 species of birds, including photogenique species like hyacinth macaws, ringed kingfishers and toco toucans. We also have good chances to see three species of primates, tapirs, giant anteaters and giant otters! We also do night drives during the tour to maximize our chances to see more species.
Good food and accommodation is included and we stay at various lodges along the way. Everything is included in this trip, from transports to accommodation and guiding. The limited number of participants will give you the best chances to see wildlife and a lot of time with your guides.
Included in the price are two English/Swedish speaking guides and two local guides, all transport in Brazil by car and boat and all meals.
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Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate

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