Hi, Everyone,

my wife and I had a great trip to Tadoba-Andhari back in March/April this year (2019).  I have made several unsuccessful attempts to upload a trip report – I have followed the instructions Jon sent me previously and have tried everything else I can think of but without luck. I had an exchange of emails about it with Jon back in November but have not been able to contact him since – I have an idea he might be travelling and hasn’t received my more recent emails. I know other people have had problems posting in the past and that Jon is aware of this but trip reports arrive thick and fast in my inbox so I am obviously in a minority! Does anyone else have experience of this? Any tips? Do you know of anything that would prevent a report from uploading? Is there something simple I am doing / not doing?

Obviously, if you see this, Jon, it would be great to hear from you if you have a moment. Thanks.

Miles Foster

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