Dobson’s and Pearson’s Horseshoe Bats in Thailand

If you listed Dobson’s Horseshoe Bat (R. yunanensi) in Thailand you should revise those records. Francis (2019, Field Guide to Mammals of SE Asia, Edn 2) notes that Dobson’s HSB is now regarded as being restricted to China. I have corrected my Baan Maka 2017 report to show Pearson’s Horseshoe Bat (R. pearsonii) and not Dobson’s HSB. Paul Carter


  • Paul Carter

    Revision to my original post; it should read: “I have corrected my Baan Maka 2017 report to show Thai Horseshoe Bat (R. thailandensis) and not Dobson’s HSB”. Paul


    Oh, the 2nd edition is out? I asked Francis about it a couple years ago and he said it was hopelessly behind schedule. Are rodent chapters very different? I’m still struggling with those camera trap photos from Vietnam.

    • Paul Carter

      Hi Vladimir. Yep it came out a few months ago in soft-cover only but also a kindle version a couple months before that. I have both and on the latter I don’t really like the way you have to switch between the plates and text. The overall look of plates is the same, with some plate changes and various new additions as “not illustrated”. I am working through the changes at the moment, not yet got to rodents but on the first version I was keeping a track of changes not in the guide anyway so updating that. Cheers, Paul.

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