• JanEbr

    I wonder, how do you identify all the voles, if they were just seen?

    • Vladimir Dinets

      In some places it’s not always possible, but in central and southern Portugal there are only 5 species and they all look different. Southern water vole is obviously larger and shaggier than others. Portuguese field vole looks exactly like other field voles, and has bicolored tail (rather obvious if you catch it with flashlight). Mediterranean and Lusitanian pine voles have smaller eyes and very rounded heads; the former looks a bit fat and the latter is darker than the others. Cabrera’s vole is a bit larger, with larger ears, and has grizzled fur. Of course, you don’t see them well enough every time, but with some patience you can get a good look eventually. I had a bunch of voles on that trip that I couldn’t ID so I didn’t mention them.

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