New Trip Report: Senegal

  1. Antonio Rieiro 8 months ago

    Please, scientific mames!!

    • Tom Clode 8 months ago

      Hi Antonio,

      I’ll be sure to include scientific names in reports going forwards. Are there any particular ones you’d like clarity on?

  2. Clive R Barlow 8 months ago

    greetings from The Gambia – Tim & anyone following the ‘split’ of west & east patas ?

    • Tom Clode 8 months ago

      Hi Clive,

      I’m aware that the Blue Nile Patas Monkey has been proposed as a separate species from the Common Patas – I’ve never come across the former, but am given to understand it is quite physiologically distinct from the Common Patas so I’d suggest the split is a sensible one. It would certainly make more sense to me than the vervet split that still confuses me in the field to this day.

  3. WRO 7 months ago

    I visited Niokola-Koba in ’96. I was lucky to have seen a Derby’s Eland, near the entrance of the park. Any information on the status of this rare species nowadays in the park ?


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