Marrick Safari private safari – Looking for some other people august 19th to 21st

Hello all,


As the title says: we’re looking for some people to join in Marrick. To share costs, but also to have an extra set of eyes and some fun. We’re two brothers travelling from Holland to South Africa. We’ll probably do 2 or 3 night drives somewhere between the 19th of august and the 21st. If you’re there for those dates you’re welcome to join. And we would love to hear from you!


Costs for the private safari are R3000 for the vehicle. So if we share with 4 pax it’s going to be R750 p.p.

Main mammals include (but not limited to) aardvark, aardwolf and blackfooted cat. There’s much, much more to see!





  • Elad Nachman

    Will be in Marrick August 21-24 but with small kids…


  • Curtis Hart

    Make sure you have the night drive arranged before going there. When I tried to book a night drive in 2017 they would not do it, as they had hunters on site for the date I wanted. In 2009 I did a couple night drives while there was a hunting group on site, and there were no issues.

    I have different opinions as to the hunting at Marrick, and talked with the owner about it for awhile during my 2009 trip. Either of you can contact me privately or start another thread.

  • Mattia from Italy

    Hunting in SA game farms, where herbivores are bought and sold at public auctions, and not much more than domestic cows, with idiot hunters that pay a lot of money for shooting at those cows, is a complex problem.

    But the main ethical problem with Marrick is not hunting, but anothe one, and it’s not a topic for a blog like mammalwatching.

  • Antee

    I can truly recommend Marrick. Its a great place and Trevor a nice host. He is much aware of the “hunting vs. Mammalwatching”- discussion.

    But in fact, Marrick have very little to do with hunting. Its in enclosures with born and raised Antelopes.
    Like cattle if you ask me.

    Go and show them that mammalwatching also can raise money.

    Today we start the slaughter of +100 Lynx in Sweden. A shame of course but you could come and watch them anyway…

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