Marrick Safari private safari – Looking for some other people august 19th to 21st

Hello all,


As the title says: we’re looking for some people to join in Marrick. To share costs, but also to have an extra set of eyes and some fun. We’re two brothers travelling from Holland to South Africa. We’ll probably do 2 or 3 night drives somewhere between the 19th of august and the 21st. If you’re there for those dates you’re welcome to join. And we would love to hear from you!


Costs for the private safari are R3000 for the vehicle. So if we share with 4 pax it’s going to be R750 p.p.

Main mammals include (but not limited to) aardvark, aardwolf and blackfooted cat. There’s much, much more to see!




  1. Elad Nachman 2 weeks ago

    Will be in Marrick August 21-24 but with small kids…


    • Profile photo of Matt Pep Author
      Matt Pep 2 weeks ago

      Cool! If we’re there the 21st we can team up if you feel like it.

  2. Profile photo of jasonwoolgar
    jasonwoolgar 2 weeks ago

    It would be better if you chose an ethical destination where they do not shoot the animals….have a look at the wonderful ‘safari’ photos on the Marrick hunting Facebook page…

    • Profile photo of Matt Pep Author
      Matt Pep 2 weeks ago

      I don’t think it’s an unethical destination. But what places would you then recommend to go to? Mainly for aardvark/aardwolf and black footed cat. I saw your trip report to benfontein/dronfield but there’s no booking possible. So that’s probably not an option.

  3. Profile photo of jasonwoolgar
    jasonwoolgar 2 weeks ago

    If you have looked at those photos and still feel that Marrick is an ethical destination, then I really cannot help you…

    • Profile photo of Matt Pep Author
      Matt Pep 2 weeks ago

      You realize most posts are from a long time ago? Like 5+ years? So yes, currently I don’t think the place is unethical. They might’ve been a couple of years ago, but that’s doesn’t say anything about the current situation.

  4. Profile photo of jasonwoolgar
    jasonwoolgar 2 weeks ago

    Have you even checked, as they are still offering hunting there and people like you are still supporting them?

    Are you only visiting because they are not shooting the animals that you personally want to see and would you still visit if they were slaughtering aardvarks and aardwolves instead of antelope?

    When will it matter to you which animals they kill?

  5. Profile photo of jasonwoolgar
    jasonwoolgar 2 weeks ago

    Here are further details, including a list of the animals you can kill…fortunately no aardvarks.

    • Profile photo of Matt Pep Author
      Matt Pep 2 weeks ago

      Ah, I genuinely didn’t know. Only saw them having a shooting range, but that’s nothing strange. So thanks for that information. I might rethink going there, although I would have to read more about it first.

      As stated before: I read your trip reports about places near Kimberley, however night drives there seem not bookable. Nor is accommodation. So if you’d have any contacts that would be amazing.

      And I think this discussion is very good to have, but maybe we should discuss this in a separate topic as to not fill this one up.

  6. Bob 2 weeks ago

    I also will rethink and not visit. Thanks Jason

  7. Curtis Hart 2 weeks ago

    Make sure you have the night drive arranged before going there. When I tried to book a night drive in 2017 they would not do it, as they had hunters on site for the date I wanted. In 2009 I did a couple night drives while there was a hunting group on site, and there were no issues.

    I have different opinions as to the hunting at Marrick, and talked with the owner about it for awhile during my 2009 trip. Either of you can contact me privately or start another thread.

  8. Profile photo of jasonwoolgar
    jasonwoolgar 1 week ago

    What a wonderful advertisement for Marrick as a wildlife destination, make sure that you book your trip when they are not too busy slaughtering the rest of the animals…priceless!

    I also have colleagues who have spoken to the owners there, as well as the hunting guides, but they were not gullible enough to be taken in by the empty conservation rhetoric espoused in order to justify the extreme hunting that takes place beyond the cute and fluffy aardvark tours.

    There is a reason that Marrick has one website for the safari side of their operation, which does not mention hunting at all, and another platform for visitors who want to hunt and, as one of those colleagues mentioned to me ‘they are really just looking at a way of earning more money from the animals that no one can justify shooting’.

    Across the globe hunters perpetuate the myth that they play a major role in conservation, but by any standards that you wish to judge the issue by, the opposite is the case and almost all forms of hunting have a massively detrimental ecological impact.

    I appreciate that almost everyone who has visited Marrick for checklist purposes will somehow attempt to justify their support of an organisation that continues to kill animals for fun and profit, but they are really only fooling themselves and if you do genuinely care about the environment and the ethical treatment of wild animals, you would not even consider this destination.

  9. Profile photo of Mattia from Italy
    Mattia from Italy 6 days ago

    Hunting in SA game farms, where herbivores are bought and sold at public auctions, and not much more than domestic cows, with idiot hunters that pay a lot of money for shooting at those cows, is a complex problem.

    But the main ethical problem with Marrick is not hunting, but anothe one, and it’s not a topic for a blog like mammalwatching.

  10. Profile photo of jasonwoolgar
    jasonwoolgar 5 days ago

    Agreed Mattia, I know exactly what you are referring to, as several people have passed on the same details, but you are right, this is not the format for that discussion.

    However, as far as I am concerned, the two issues, and the ingrained ideologies that they represent, are irrevocably linked and they occur elsewhere, particularly in terms of trophy hunters in both South Africa and the United States.

    To me the hunting at Marrick remains a huge ethical problem, especially as the owners are also making money from wildlife tourism and are pretending to be involved in conservation, but I agree that the issue is far more significant and inherent than the purchase of a defenceless animal to shoot, however disgusting that remains.

    I despise trophy hunting, but the deception here is so obvious that I cannot really believe that people, apparently intelligent people who travel the world and are meant to be concerned about wildlife and the environment, simply shrug their shoulders and continue to support this abhorrent practice, just for a few ticks on a list?

    If people who supposedly love mammals and nature in general cannot behave ethically, who else is going to?

  11. Thug Hamster 4 days ago

    Jason, since you so clearly want someone to engage with you…how about this? Do you have children? Do you eat meat? Having children and eating meat are two of the worst things one can do in terms of protecting the environment, as I’m sure you know. It’s easy to find hypocrisy. People who use this site are doing a lot more good than bad. I’m frankly tired of your self-righteous grumblings. Instead of just insulting those of us who went to Marrick simply because we were excited to see a black-footed cat, why don’t you find a more constructive way to impart your message?

  12. Profile photo of jasonwoolgar
    jasonwoolgar 4 days ago

    I do not accept at all that the majority of people who use this site are doing more good than bad. In fact, in many cases, I would suggest that the opposite is the case.

    I have no wish to engage at all and would not need to if you, Jon and so many others did not believe that it was acceptable to abuse and torture animals for the meaningless life lists that will die with you.

    If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem and in defending Marrick in this way, you are very clearly part of the problem.

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