New trip report: Last chance to see : Lao endemics

  1. Malcolm Hunter 11 months ago

    Thanks for this report. As a mammal family ticker the discovery of the kha-nyou definitely got my attention. It’s a long way to go to tick a species but if a reliable site for linsang* were found too it might prove irresistible….. mac hunter

    * See mammalwatching link to Spotted Linsang Prionodon pardicolor at Nam Et – Phou Louey National Biodiversity Conservation Area, Laos Marcus A. H. CHUA & Kelvin K. P. LIM from 2017.

  2. Vladimir 11 months ago

    Dear Stuart!
    The great report about Lao
    And I’m very thankful for your lynx-watching advise today. I’ve done as you told and was lucky.
    Sorry, I forgot to get your contacts and the sole way was to right here

  3. Profile photo of Stuart Chapman Author
    Stuart Chapman 11 months ago

    Hi Vladimir
    Great to hear of your lynx success, you certainly deserved it. Here is my email

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