New Trip Report: Sichuan Mammal Sightings, 2020

A friend from South Africa sent me some these notes about mammal sightings in Sichuan that might be helpful to anyone visiting there independently. Observations include Red and Giant Pandas at Labahe and Black Bear.


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  • Stephen Firth

    The information regarding the Giant Panda sighting chimes perfectly with a sighting in September 2019. The gully and a small area either side of it has no bamboo cover. We both had telescopes on tripods and as the “Sleeping white rock” was around a kilometre away and it was a hazy morning we couldn’t decide whether it was a rock or something more “interesting”. After about 20 minutes as I was looking elsewhere, my girlfriend shouted that it’s “bloody well not there anymore” and then it was spotted a short distance away in the bamboo, eating. It must have been sleeping face down, with it’s head pointing up the mountain and there was no black discernible at all.

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