New Trip Report: Bellavista and Coco Cayembe, Ecuador

A new report from Rauno Väisänen: interesting to read that Olinguitos were scarce at Bellavista. I hope this is just a temporary move by the animals to social distance!

Bella Vista and Coco Cayembe, 2019Rauno Väisänen, 1 week & species included Tayra, Oinguito, Spectacled Bear and Mountain Tapir.



  • Bonnie

    I was also at Bellavista for three nights and Papallacta for three nights. The dates were December 1st through the 7th, 2019. I did not see an olinguito on any of the three nights at Bellavista, nor a kinkajou. I only saw three tayras. The staff told me that the olinguitos then had also not been seen for a week.
    I hired Armanda as well for two full days in Papallacta. We only saw one spectacled bear, so far away that even with good bins I couldn’t see its face. Then, we trekked and trekked and our tracker found a mountain tapir with a baby (still striped) and a juvenile all together, but I never saw them, nor did the person I was with. Armando said it was a first for him, but he only saw the mother, I think. Then I got altitude sickness and threw up all the way back down the mountain and was so ill Armando thought about taking me to a hospital (I was fine the next day). The trekking was incredibly hard, I thought, and I am a long-time hiker. I also did NOT see torrent ducks. What a fun trip 🙁

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