Mammal books available for free download

A number of US academic publishers are making books available for free download during Covid 19, via the Project Muse website.  This includes a number of recent mammal books.  Try this link, or if it doesn’t work for you go to the Project Muse website, search for mammals and then filter for things you have access to.
Books available include:
  • 2018 Walkers Mammals
  • Bovids
  • Canids
  • Lagomorphs
  • Squirrels of the world
  • Kays & Wilson North American mammal guide
  • China mammal guide
  • Mammals of Mexico
  • Various other general wildlife guides or local mammal guides.
The only downside is you have to download chapter by chapter.  But it’s easy enough to merge them afterwards.  I am using free software called PDFsam Merge.


  • David Robichaud

    Mammals of Mexico is a masterpiece. I bought a spanish copy of it years back, and still use it to plan Mexico trips.. So good. The price point was keeping me from re-buying when the English version come out. But no longer!

  • Peter Apps

    Wow ! Some valuable work there. Thanks for the link.

  • mikehoit

    This is both fantastic and the death knell of any chance of me doing something productive during lockdown,

  • Bud Lensing

    It may take a little effort organizing, but the price is right and the resources are great. Thank You!

  • Robert Crawford

    Thank you so very much!

  • James Lowen

    Thanks for the heads up. However… What am I doing wrong? I can only see sample chapters for download, rather than the whole book (which is what I had understood was available). A misunderstanding on my part or technological ineptitude?!

  • murraylord

    James – the whole book is there, but you have to download it chapter by chapter and then if you want to recreate the book you then have to merge the chapters, ideally removing the Project Muse cover page from each one. So I download each one into a folder, numbering consecutively and then click and drag them into PDFsam. I set the pages to be merged for each chapter as “2-” and then it’s all merged without the cover pages.

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