(The world is) Closing Down Sale! Pandemic pricing for advertising here

Over the past year or so we have been building up a directory of mammalwatching guides, tour operators and lodges, where professionals can advertise for a small annual fee.

It is obviously a very tough time to be in the travel business right now, and I feel for many friends who make a living running wildlife trips. I hope you all know that many of us are already chomping at the bit to travel as soon as we can, so I hope there will be a tsunami of new bookings in a few weeks or months.

I wish there was a way to help (and if you have any ideas then please let us know). Meanwhile, and it is not much I know, but anyone wanting to advertise on this site gets a free advert until we are all traveling again (and anyone already paying for advertising gets an extra 6 months). So why not take advantage of the current downtime to prepare a listing ready for when planet Earth reopens ….. Just email me for details.

Flatten those curves!


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