Japanese mammal photos sought

Calling all Mammal Watchers who have photographed in Japan.

Mark Brazil is seeking submissions of images of mammals taken in the wild in Japan for a new book that he is working on. He is particularly looking for good images of the following:

Northern Fur Seal | Northern Fur Seal (close up) |  Steller’s Sea Lion group | Steller’s Sea Lion at sea

Kuril Seal | Kuril Seal (head only protruding above water) | Bearded Seal

Eurasian Pygmy Shrew | Asian House Shrew

Orii’s Least Horseshoe Bat | any species of microbat

Japanese Badger | Least Weasel

Iriomote Wildcat | domestic bobtail cat

Red Fox (jumping into air to hunt) | Red Fox on beach

Tanuki (in snow)

Wild Boar (in snow)

Brown Bear with salmon | Brown Bear (close up of head) | Asiatic Black Bear  (various poses; various seasons) | Asiatic Black Bear (in montane scenery)

Japanese Hare (various poses; various seasons)

Pallas’s Squirrel (close-up) | Pallas’s Squirrel (various poses) | Japanese Flying Squirrel (close-up) | Siberian Flying Squirrel (in flight)

Brown Rat | Eurasian Harvest Mouse |Grey Red-backed Vole

cattle | horses

Taiwan Macaque | Japanese Macaque and Japanese Deer together on Yakushima

Japanese Deer (Kyūshū subspecies: herds, males, females with young)

Whale-watching boats

Whaling vessels (with catch if possible)

Please contact him via enquiries@japannatureguides.com for further information.




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