• Ralf Bürglin

    Great job Andreas!

  • Jan Kelchtermans

    Hunting animals ; that’s always reason number one related with their shyness. And: Eurasian Lynxes are rare, nocturnal, shy and elusive everywhere they occure. More over: they cover huge areas and are always on the move ; often in boreal areas. Makes it a hard to get this most wanted target. Visiting areas above treeline (Ladakh and Tibetan Plateau) in my opinion the best reliable option to see this felid. Not an easy one going there in (post) corona times…

  • Jens

    I have to say that I am impressed with what you have seen on your trips close by your home town. And seeing a lynx in Sweden is not easy as there are about only 1200 of them as they as culled heavily. Yes. I am also ashamed to be a Sweden when they are culling them this heavily.

  • Hannes

    Great report!
    If our flight to South Africa in September will be cancelled sweden is our plan B.
    I hope to find some help with you guys

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