Greater Horseshoe Bats: the movie

Jean-Michel Bompar let me know about this beautiful film on the lives of Greater Horseshoe Bats. It is quite long – 45 minutes – but I’m fairly sure many of us have more time on our hands than usual these days.

This film is all the more important film right now with stories from several countries – including China – of bats being persecuted for their probable “role” in Covid19.  Of course it was people’s persecution of bats, and other animals, that seems to have started the problem in the first place … sometimes I feel like the Darwin Awards should simply be given to H. sapiens as a species.

It is available in several languages on Youtube (with a Chinese version is in production). Here is the V.O in French, with English subtitles.  Please share with the bat sceptics in your life!


  1. Miles Foster 2 years ago

    Thanks, Jon,

    will do.

  2. Jeff Higdon 2 years ago

    This opened for me the day John sent the email out, but when I click the link now I get a “this video is private” message.

  3. JEFF HIGDON 2 years ago

    Awesome, thanks Jon (spelled correctly this time!). Looking forward to watching this.


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