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    Vladimir Dinets 3 years ago

    Crocidura kurodae (a common shrew of Taiwan mountains) is not a subspecies of C. rapax, and other Crocidura news:

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    Vladimir Dinets 3 years ago

    Also, Chaco mara should be in its own genus and called Pediolagus salinicola:

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    Vladimir Dinets 3 years ago

    Desert shrews E and W of Colorado River are likely different species, the western one is being described as N. tataticuli:

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    Vladimir Dinets 3 years ago

    Turns out Valdez Peninsula has an endemic tuco-tuco (plus two more near its base).

    Also, there is a proposal to split pampas cat into five species. I suspect these are PSC species (which in this case means subspecies), but will wait for experts to weigh in.

    • Theo Linders 2 years ago

      The Pampas Cat split does seem to take a PSC “light” approach and I find the results interesting, they find a relatively recent split data between the taxa, but quite high genetic divergence. The data used is somewhat limited, but a more extensive study might well confirm the split.

      In other new Lynx Edicions seems to continue the use of their bogus mammal taxonomy in the new field guides when it comes to Ungulates. The Mammals of South Asia book shows they use the traditional taxonomy for most ungulates (e.g. Common Muntjac not split), but for Bovids accept all G&G splits (split Takin).

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        Vladimir Dinets 2 years ago

        Pampas cat split might still prove to be valid (maybe not 5-way), but I’ll wait until there’s data from contact zones.
        Lynx often publishes cutouts from HBW and HMW as separate books; I guess they just stick to the same taxonomy they used in HMW volumes.

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    VLADIMIR DINETS 2 years ago

    Micronycteris bats of coastal Ecuador and of Central America described as new species:

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