i search guides for Flying squirrel in east Finland


I go beginning of july to Finland with a small group (i hope, if the borders are open). For east Finland i search a good guide for guiding a excursion for flying squirrels (for normal prices). Also a guide for white tailed deer if possible. If there good spots to see flying squirrel without local guide, they are also welcome.

best regard





  1. Jean-Philippe Ferette 3 years ago

    Hi Jorn,

    Esa Muikku email esa@caret.fi is one of the possible guides. His area is around the town of Lieksa.

    Kind regards

  2. Author
    JVDB 3 years ago

    i know Esa Muikki, but his prices are high. 90 euro for 1 person. For a group of 7 its 630 euro. I prefer a cheaper option.
    I have been 3 years ago on a excursion with Esa. And if i dont fint other option i will probably go again with him. Its a good guide.

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