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A couple taxonomy papers:
1. A proposed overhaul of squirrel taxonomy, breaking Sciurus squirrels of the New World into a large number of genera and leaving only three Old World species in genus Sciurus. When it was published as preprint I recommended to the authors to at least discuss the alternative option of lumping all Neotropic squirrels (except pygmy) into Sciurus, but they didn’t do so. The authors also found two unnamed lineages and confirmed that Richmond’s squirrel (S. richmondi) of Nicaragua is not a valid species.
2. Yet more evidence that Burrunan dolphin (Tursiops australis) is not a valid species. I have to admit the proponents of the split got me almost convinced at some point.

  1. Author
    VLADIMIR DINETS 4 months ago

    Hidden diversity in Sundasciurus squirrels:

  2. Author
    VLADIMIR DINETS 3 months ago

    Rhipidomys venustus, an arboreal Venezuelan rodent that is seldom trapped but occasionally seen while spotlighting, has been split. R. venustus is now limited to Cordillera de Merida, while those in the coastal ranges are R. ochoagrateroli.

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