pictures for a mammals booklet

I am putting together a booklet on Botswana mammals that will be given away to teenage school-goers in Botswana under the Junior Ranger programme of the Knyphausen Foundation . They have already done a booklet on trees and plants, and one on birds, that will give you an idea of the final product.

I have sourced photos to illustrate what each species looks like from friends, associates and kind people I have located through the internet, but there are still a few species that I do not have an image for;

Cape short-tailed/eared gerbil Desmodillus auricularis,

hairy-footed gerbil Gerbillurus paeba,

bushveld gerbil Tatera leucogaster,

highveld gerbil Tatera brantsii,

either of the multimammate mice Mastomys coucha or natalensis,

either or both of the Thallomys tree rats; nigricauda and paedulcus,

fat mouse Steatomys pratensis,

short-snouted sengi/elephant shrew Elephantulus brachyrhyncus,

African clawless otter Aonyx capensis,

Egyptian/large grey mongoose Herpestes ichneumon,

and a bushpig Potamochoerus larvatus from southern Africa with the dull brown and grey colouration.


I was wondering if anyone has images that they would let me use for the booklet, please ?  Because it is a wildlife charity project I can’t offer to pay, but photographers will be credited, and I can get a few copies of the booklet that you could give away to young friends or relatives. You can get me on e-mail at

Best regards, Peter Apps


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