• Warren Gilson

    Interesting to read your report Dion. Its a part of Australia I’ve yet to travel to. What thermal camera are you using?

  • Dion Hobcroft

    Hi Warren, unfortunately cannot give you a make and model as it belongs to my friend and when I asked him he could not remember! It did cost about $2000 AUD several years ago and he brought it off a hunting shop supplier. It does not seem to be branded with any make and model numbers!

  • Steph

    Hi Dion Really interesting report! I’m in the UK but have visited the far south coast of NSW a few times to visit family when I was younger. It was before I was into mammals so I’ve only seen the macropods at Potato Point. Hoping to get out there to see the family perhaps next year (if “things” improve…) and will defo give spotlighting a go for some more interesting beasties.
    The spot you mention near Narooma referred to as “Kiandra Rainforest Walk” – is that the same as the Box Cutting Rainforest Walk on the road to Kianga? I think Kiandra is way inland in Kosciuszko NP?!

  • Dion Hobcroft

    Hi Steph-you are correct-it is Kianga not Kiandra-the Box Cutting Rainforest Walk. Apologies for the confusion!

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