Himalayan Serow at Pangot

A brief summer visit to Pangot (2000m) a tiny village surrounded by temperate broad-leaved forest in the Kumaon Himalayas, was productive for a sighting of the uncommonly seen Himalayan Serow, as well Himalayan Goral and Himalayan Marten, among commoner mammals. Birdlife was a modest representation of Himalayan species, both summer visitors and residents, with Brown Wood Owl, Hill Partridge, Himalayan Prinia, Mountain Hawk Eagle and Wedge-tailed Green Pigeon among the highlights in the broader landscape, encompassing a elevational gradient and associated habitat. The trip coincided with the mad summer rush of tourists to the mountains, and Naini Tal, a popular hill station and gateway to Pangot, is among closest targets for the teeming millions residing in the cauldron that Delhi becomes at this time of the year – not ideal conditions if you are looking for rare wildlife in an idyllic Himalayan forest!

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List of Mammals Seen

Himalayan Langur Semnopithecus ajax

Rhesus Macaque Macaca mulatta

Himalayan Marten Martes flavigula

Himalayan Serow Capricornis thar

Himalayan Goral Naemorhedus goral

Indian Munjtac Muntiacus muntjak

Sambar Cervus unicolor

Wild Pig Sus scrofa

Indian Hare Lepus nigricollis


  • Tilo Nadler

    I am interested on your photo of the Muntjak for a paper about the Muntjak species, including the recently discovered species in Vietnam. Please let my know about the possibility.
    Tilo Nadler
    Wildlife Consultant
    Ninh Binh Province

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