Rodent taxonomy news

A few updates for your checklists:
1. At least two, and maybe all three, species of enigmatic flying squirrels Biswamoyopterus are conspecific.
2. “Stenocephalemys sp. A” from Simien has been described as S. zimai, while the form occurring in the mountains NE of Addis is now S. sokolovi.
3. There is a whole bunch of undescribed Callomyscus in Iran. Can’t wait to get here.
4. Niviventer sacer from Shandong is a full species. It was common on Mt. Taishan back in 1993.
5. Both widespread species of Ellobius mole-voles are about to be split, so try to see them in both the W and the E of the ranges. Geographic sampling so far is limited, but I guess E. talpinus will be split along Ural River and Ulaan Baator-Beijing Road, while E. tancrei – along the E border of Kazakhstan.
6. Three new species of Neacomys have been described. If you’ve seen N. dubosti south of the Amazon River, it was one of the new species.
7. If you’ve ever done any small mammal trapping or spotlighting at Mt. Kenya, you’ve seen the local Lophuromys. The correct name for all Lophuromys from there and the Aberdares is L. zena, while L. margarettae doesn’t appear to be a valid species.
8. Millardia kondana, a small-range endemic of northern Western Ghats, is a valid species.
9. Otomys willani, a new species from the mountains of South Africa, with range details for other species.


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