New Trip Report: Southern Sabah, Borneo

Even if the borders are closed, the parks are open again. Here’s a report of a month in Borneo – Crocker Range and Tawau Hills mainly -from Nick Brierly and Shavez Cheema.

Southern Sabah, 2020: Nick Brierly and Shavez Cheema, 1 month & some great species including Sun Bear, Marbled Cat and Tufted Ground Squirrel.




  • Vladimir Dinets

    So they got tufted squirrel and marbled cat at Trus Madi and say that “luck wasn’t on our side”? What did they expect, a Borneo giant pangolin?

  • Shavez

    Hi Vladimir, shavez here

    I think you should read the report and story properly first.

    We weren’t lucky with mammals in the start of the trip that’s what we meant and only on the last day we saw a marbled cat

    Then we were lucky
    Tufted squirrel after it and i photographed the clouded leopard too. Fun report lah!


  • tomeslice

    Hey Shavez,
    Great report, man!
    I need more like this, to keep me sane during these lockdowns!!!

    Can you elaborate more on your encounter with the Tufted Ground Squirrel? It’s really interesting.
    I read your entire post about the clouded leopard by the river. How awesome was that!


    • Shavez

      Thanks Tomer

      Ok the two experiences were the following of the tufted ground squirrel

      1)at trudmadi entomology camp, our friend who was with us Frank Li, professional film maker, saw it twice in the same morning around 9-10am.Also quick glimpses and it misty to photograph and to fast

      2)in tawau, i set a hide to look for marbled cat in a place I have my camera traps Station, four days in a row I waited for it between 730-1030am and on the fourth day I had a 20 second observation of the tufted ground squirrel predating on some dipterocarp seeds xmoment I moved in the hide to get a shot, it disappeared..

    • Shavez

      And yes the clouded leopard was a magnificent moment and experience. 30minutes and she didn’t care about me

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