New Trip Report: Romania

Here’s an excellent report from Romania with a very impressive haul of 46(!) species as well as some killer photos of European Mink, which I had no idea were watchable anywhere anymore (other than Estonia).

Romania, 2020: Saker Tours, 9 days & 46 species including Lesser Mole Rat, Lesser and Greater Mouse-eared Bats, Wolf, Bear and two European Minks.



  • Samuel

    OMG what a great report ! and all this in Europe

  • Andrew Block

    What a wonderful trip! Would love to have been there.


  • Maurice Tijm

    Amazing! Look at the mink :-O (L). Djeez imagine how little of such huge estuaries exist in Europe that can still sustain such a re-established european mink population away from american mink :-/.
    If this is what suits the species it has few and isolated options in Europe: Romania, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, France, Spain?
    More or less viable populations only appear to exist in in Danube delta in Romania, in Vologda and in Arkhangelsk Region in Russia.
    Does anyone knows if these reintroductions require new releases yearly?

    Great report, provides a great overview of the mammals around and your dedicated and skilled efforts

  • Vladimir Dinets

    Populations in Vologda and Arkhangelsk don’t appear to be viable 🙁

    • Maurice Tijm

      Ok thanks so no success stories from russia than

      • Vladimir Dinets

        Depends on your definition of success. European mink was introduced to two of the Kuril Islands (just N of Hokkaido) many years ago; it never became common but apparently persists in very low numbers.

  • Maurice Tijm

    Thanks that is something indeed!

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