Help with Bat Identification

Would anybody be able to help me identify this bat species, I’m not the best with bats! Found inside a banana leaf in Danum Valley in Sabah, Borneo (2016).


  • Vladimir Dinets

    Looks like thick-thumbed pipistrelle (Glischropus tylopus). Interestingly, it’s been found roosting in young banana leaves in Malaysia but only in bamboo in Borneo (according to Mammals of Borneo and Their Ecology by Phillips & Phillips). Myotis muricola is another possibility (and better match for color) but as far as I can tell from the photo the tragus is too short.

    • georgevincent

      Thanks for that Vladimir. I recall the colour in real life being a lighter shade of brown, but the lighting inside made it appear darker. My first thought was that it had to be a pipistrelle of some kind, so I wonder if it is Glischropus tylopus.

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