Illustrated Checklist of Mammals 2 vol. set

Just wondering if anyone has had issues with receiving the two volume set of Illustrated Mammals of the World by Lynx Edicions.  I never had a real problem with them before, but I have supposedly been sent the volumes twice and neither time have I gotten them.  I’ve gotten other books from them on time recently, but not these.  It’s getting very annoying.  I know others have gotten them on time, but I think they’re screwing me.  I’d be interested to know if anyone other than me is having problems.




  • Brett Hartl

    I have had the same problem, ordered them in July, have not arrived. When I emailed them they said they shipped it by boat, and things are stuck at customs. So who knows.

  • Jon Hall

    I’ve never had a problem here in New York. . But I know overseas mail (customs) is very slow these days because of covid. I will also let them know you guys are having problems

    • Conuropsis

      Yes, but I thought you got yours? If others got them in the US there is no reason for the double delay let alone one delay, especially when I just got another book from them in the usual time.

  • Dave Robichaud

    I’m having the same issue with Vol 8 Bats. They’re trying a third time next week.

  • Charles Hood

    I’ve ordered four packets of books from Lynx over the past six months and all arrived in California as promised. On at least one of the orders I did pay for upgraded shipping. I order from NHBS in UK often too, and in the case of two orders placed just 24 hours apart, the second one arrived promptly but the first one showed up a month later. The delay was probably on the US side I would expect, but even the UK is imperfect. One of my UK friends had a print quality issue with a Lynx book and they sent a new one straight off, so that adds to my favorable impression of them. / Charles Hood

    • Conuropsis

      Yes, normally have no problems and just got a book from them on time. When others are getting the two books on time there should be no reason for me not to.

  • J. Spencer

    That’s unfortunate. I received mine soon after publication. I agree that their service is usually excellent.

  • Kathy Byrne

    My set came remarkably fast. That was perhaps in early November, but maybe a little before that. Time is fluid these days . . . The books are gorgeous!

    • Conuropsis

      Yes, mine was supposed to come then, but never did so I contacted them and they sent out another and this one has not come yet either. Very suspcious.

  • Mustela

    I ordered mine in August, and it is supossed to be come monday 21st after long delays. They said it’s a problem with the USPS, though. It’s very frustrated this whole situation, even more because the books were released almost three months ago.

  • Morgan Churchill

    Mine shipped in Early November, and I have yet to receive them. So you are not alone.

    I was going to hold off contacting them until January. I figure between the covid shipping issues and Christmas, mail is moving very very slow.

    But do please let us know when you get them, just to give some of us hope on someday getting our own!

  • Scott Flamand

    I ordered mine on December 10th and received them yesterday.

    • Conuropsis

      That’s what I mean. Something really wrong with them for some reason.

    • Morgan Churchill

      Guess I better email lynx, if you ordered your several months after my preorder request and already have it. Sigh….

      • Mustela

        I’ve tried to contact them by email, but they just answered me almost like three weeks later. I feared this, mostly because the shipped the orders almost a month after the publication of the book…

  • Judy

    Mine came to San Francisco within the expected timeframe and in excellent condition; My experience with Lynx has always been outstanding. Supply chains in many places taking a big hit with Covid, so I would assume this to be a distribution problem and investigate that possibility.

  • twilighter

    I ordered mine on the very same day after the announcement, but needed to wait until December to receive them in Norway. The main problem is that the delivery company Asendia don’t really provide tracking service. I asked Lynx for a tracking number and contacted Asendia directly to finally find the actual status of my package. I ordered second copy of the Bats volume for a present in the beginning of the December, but I don’t really have hopes that it will arrive before Christmas.

  • Cheryl Antonucci

    I also have not gotten mine. I ordered them in September, then got an email saying they were shipped on November 12 and to expect them to take up to 20 days….

  • Ian Mackenzie

    Recent deliveries to me in London have been fine. Lynx are good folk and I have always found them very understanding, helpful, and prompt. I would be inclined to look further down the delivery chain…

    • Conuropsis

      Yes. It probably is the US mail system which mostly sucks. I’ve not received another book from Amazon that was probably lost. Still no excuse it my opinion.


  • Morgan Churchill

    absolutely not their fault, but ultimately its on them to rectify, especially given how much these books cost to purchase.

    • Mustela

      It’s not Lynx fault, but I kind of feel a little disappointed. I feel they have given more importance to All the Birds of the World than to the Illustrated Checklist. I’ve had this perception lately, and well, it’s sad. I think they shipped all the orders to the U.S. a little late (end of October), and now it got accumulated with the christmas season.

  • Morgan Churchill

    Not to be the downer, but I got a tracking number and mine i still sitting in Staten Island…hopefully mail slows down a bit once the Christmas surge is finished, and they can get my book out

    • Conuropsis

      I guess mine are in Staten Island too since I’m not far north of there:-( I ordered a CD that’s almost two weeks late and has been sitting in my local post office since then. Unbelievable.


  • Cheryl

    Just got mine 20 minutes ago. It was in the same export as yours based on me tracking it. I live in Virginia so hopefully you will gets yours soon!

  • Charles Foley

    A portly gentleman with a big white beard and wearing a red suit dropped my copy off a few days ago. I suspect he quaffed most of my good whiskey on his way out given how alarmingly the level in the bottle has dropped in the past few days… Said gentleman purchased it through Butteo Books, which have always proven pretty reliable.

  • Amy

    It’s oddly relieving to hear I’m far from the only one experiencing this delay, yet at the same time it also makes it even more concerning. But I’ve been seeing others receive their copies gradually, one by one, so I’m hoping the process will continue. I also ordered All the Birds of the World with the Checklist, back in August.

  • Conuropsis

    Well I finally got my books, yeah! And they were in Staten Island all this time. I just hope I don’t get a second set from them which they said they sent:-) Thanks all for putting your two senses in, it gave me hope;-)


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