Last-minute opening for 1-3 people to join me in Kenya (Feb 4th-13th)

I’m lucky enough to be joining a fellow member on a last minute tour in Uganda later in January. Being so close to Kenya it was too tempting not to add on! I fly into Nairobi the night of February 3rd and fly out early on February 14th so the tour would be February 4th-13th. I I haven’t picked a tour company yet, but am in talks with a couple and of course the price will be better if there are more of us (right now it’s only me)

My focus will be on rare mammals unique to the region.

Here is the tentative itinerary with targets I had in mind:

  1. Leave early from Nairobi, drive to Nairobi National Park (Striped Ground Squirrel, Ochre Bush Squirrel, Thomson’s Gazelle, White Rhino) drive to Tsavo East NP: 1 Night
  2. Tsavo East NP (Hirola, Desert Warthog): 1 Night
  3. Morning at Tsavo if nessasry then drive to Arabuko Sokoko NP (Golden-rumped & 4-toed Elephant Shrews, Harvey’s & Ader’s Duiker,  Sokoke Dog Mongoose, Zanj Sun Squirrel, Caracal, Aardvark, Bats in Ali Baba & Pangayamba Caves): 3 nights
  4. Tana River Primate Preserve: (Tana River Mangabey & Tana River Red Colobus): 1 night
  5. Hirola Sanctuary – Ishaqbini (if possible instead of Tsavo East- whichever is better for Hirola & Desert Warthog sightings)
  6. Mwingi Cottage Hotel- or some other stop along the way: 1 night
  7. Aberdare NP: (Giant Forest Hog, Eastern Tree Hyrax, African Wild Dogs, Harvey’s Duiker, Bongo, Black Rhino, Lesser Cane Rat, Ochre Bush Squirrel): 2 nights then return to Nairobi

It will likely be a mix of camping (where necessary) and lodging (whenever possible).

If you’re interested, please contact me soon so we can close in on the dates and get this trip going:

All the best,


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