New Trip Report: Zambia (November 2019)

Hey everyone! I present my first trip report (chock full of photos)- Zambia, 2019: 5 days & 38 species including all the usual suspects plus Four-toed Elephant Shrew, Meller’s Mongoose, Sharpe’s Grysbok, Sable Antelope, Fat Mouse and Large-eared Slit-faced Bat.

The first of three African countries in my 33 day & ~120 species trip in 2019.





  • Charles Foley

    Hi Giant Eland,

    Great report, and well done on snagging a Meller’s mongoose. Looking at your mouse picture, I’m not sure it’s a Steatomys, as the tail looks too long. It might just be the angle of the photo playing tricks on the eye; if the tail was about 50% of the body length then its a Steatomys, but if the tail was longer than that then I suspect it could be a Mastomys.

    Looking forward to reading about your other trips.


  • giant eland

    Glad you enjoyed it Charles, and thank you for your assistance in identification!

    From a further examination of other photographs I took, Dr. Foley determined the rodent is a Dendromus.

    D. nyikae or possibly D. melanotis.

    Will need to update the trip report!

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