North Queensland 2020-21

Hello folks,

This is a trip report from a recent visit to tropical north Queensland, Australia. A great mammal destination. Included 12 days/11 nights in Cairns, the Daintree, Atherton Tablelands and a quick visit to Chillagoe caves. Highlights included TWO species of tree-kangaroo (??!!), all of the endemic ringtail possums, Yellow-bellied gliders and a few bats for good measure. All up 31 positively identified malls and a few microbats hopefully to be sorted out from photos (hopefully). See pdf for full report.




  • Michael Johnson

    Hi Brett,

    Thanks for your report, it is great. It is also very timely as I am about to spend a couple of weeks there myself early next month. You offered to send copies of your reports for other taxa and I would love to read them. They can be sent to:

    Again, many thanks.

    Cheers, Michael

  • Morgan Churchill

    Hopefully in summer 2022 I will be visiting Cairns for the first time, for a well-placed and timed conference. I’d also love to see your information on the birds and herps, as I usually try to wrack up as many of those other critters as possible

    My email is

  • Keith

    Hi Brett,

    I really enjoyed reading your North Queensland report. It’s a great part of the world I’d love to revisit. As with others, most grateful for sight of your bird and reptile lists for the trip.

    Many thanks


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