Guide recommendations?? – Kenya (Arabuko soroke)

Time to slowly start planning future trips after this covid-madness in the world.

Someone who can recommend a good guide or tour operator in Kenya for primarily Arabuko-soroke forest for some special mammalwatching.

Also for Tsavo east and Hirola?

Maybe the latter is most easy to just stay in some of the safari lodges and then opt for a private safari vehicle?




  • Christopher Briggs

    This advice is mostly for birders and is received info as had to cancel the trip this month….
    For Sokoke Arabauko region, Colin Jackson is the beat man on the coast and runs the ringing and conservation center at Watamu – (A Rocha Ecoresort lodge )
    Mustapha Adamjee is the best bird guide.
    Good luck and look forward to the report

  • Jon Hall

    When I was there 10 years ago there were several local guides hanging around the campsite. I picked one at random (or perhaps the driver knew him) and he was good. We had no problems at all seeing the GR Ele Shrews.


    The only thing you need a guide for in AS is the owl. Everything else is either very easy (like the elephant shrew and coastal galagos) or too technical for local guides (like most rodents).

  • Morten Kattenhøj

    For Hirola, I highly recommend visiting the excellent community conservancy Ishaqbini. I’ve been almost everywhere in Kenya and this is one of my favourite places. It has the added benefit of also having the two Tana monkey endemics: Tana River Red Colobus and Tana Mangabey. I saw all three species there fairly easily.

    • Antee

      Unfortunately Ishaqbini is too much of a detour for me. Therefore I bet on Tsavo East for Hirola…
      If it´s doable. I guess the best way is to stay at a safari lodge and opt for a private vehicle a couple of days and start searching…

  • samuel marlin

    From my past “research” when we were there several years ago, the best place for Hirola in Tsavo East seemed to be around the Ashnil Aruba lodge. This is where we actually saw two hirolas (we were staying in a cheaper camp: Ndololo safari camp closer to the Voi parc entrance). You can also look at my trip report posted on this website. I don’t know if the situation has changed sice then…

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