Grey Whale in Italy!

A Grey Whale seen in Italy (near Ponza Island, Tyrrhenian Sea)! The same of Israel in 2010, or another one that get lost from the Pacific routes, or maybe some Grey Whales still survive somewhere in the Atlantic? Or maybe an ID mistake?

Gray whale: an exceptional sighting in Italy

  1. Jon Hall 1 year ago

    Amazing. It sure looks like one. And so close to shore! Are you going to look for it Mattia?

    • Author
      Mattia from Italy 1 year ago

      It’s not so easy. Ponza Island has many private beaches and bays that you can reach only with a private boat. The public spaces are few. It’s the island where many VIPs from Rome have their villa. Let’s see if it remains in the area, but probably next week the whale will be miles and miles from there.

  2. Simon Feys 1 year ago

    There was one in Morocco a few weeks ago as well.

    • Vladimir Dinets 1 year ago

      It is probably the same one that was seen in Morocco. People are trying to get high-rez photos to figure out if it’s the same one as in 2010. A different one was in Namibia a few years ago.

  3. Luca 1 year ago

    The whale has been refound in Sorrento, Campania.

  4. Author
    Mattia from Italy 1 year ago

    Now the whale is near Naples, in the “Baia archeological marine Park” area, where it approached a small boat and played with the people, like in Mexico.

  5. Author
    Mattia from Italy 1 year ago

    Yesterday 22 April Wally (the Grey Whale now has a name…) was in front of Fiumicino, just north of Rome.

    Here approaching, again, a rubber boat, with Coastal Guard people touching him:

    • Author
      Mattia from Italy 1 year ago

      Experts and biologists of the Tethys Research Institute say that it is a young whale 7-8 meters long, age 6-7 months, just weaned, probably born somewhere in the Atlantic, and not the whale of 2010. It would be an incredible news!

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