Tour in sundabans


I am looking into a short trip to the  Indian  Sundabans  probably  3 nights . For March  time 

Can anyone  recommend a company/guide   for  tigers/otters  and other  wildlife?




  • Avijit Sarkhel


    I’m Avijit and I own Vana Safaris – check our website

    I’ll be happy to organise it for you.

    The program starts from Kolkata – 3 hours to the jetty and then embark the boat – cruising hours and at 1700 hours.

    The next two full days are onboard the boat with crew (meals on board)

    If you really wish to see a tiger – I’d suggest 4 full nights – it is not easy to see mammals here and one needs to explore the areas repeatedly.

    Mammals that one can hope to see here are –

    Tiger, Fishing Cat, Jungle Cat, Small-clawed Otter, Smooth-coated Otter is also present but from the boat distinguishing the two is. It always possible, Rhesus Macaque, Spotted Deer, Wild Boar, Short-nosed Fruit Bat, Indian Flying Fox, Irrawaddy Dolphin

    Of course the Salt Water Crocodile, King Cobra and large no of birds add to the fun.

    Do note that it needs patience to see mammals and the way the boats manoeuvre it sometime make it challenging to see things well.

    The boatman and guide’s experience is essential and a bit of luck is important

    Let me know if you are interested



    • Wendy

      Thanks for your reply and information.
      Would this be an exclusive trip or shared?
      I assume that I sleep on the boat?

      Is there any chance of night activities?
      Can you give me an idea of the cost please.


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