The Mediterranean Grey Whale

Migration Grey Whale Migration Grey Whale

Wally, the Grey Whale, continues his trip along the Mediterranean Coast. This week Wally got almost stranded near Pisa and the Coastal Guard helped him. Than Wally was seen in many harbours, like Viareggio: it’s forbidden to go nearer than 100 meters to the Whale, but often Wally gets very close to boats and people. Now the Whale is near the boarder with France.

Experts of Tethys Research Institute confirmed that it’s a young whale, 6-7 months old, probably born in the Atlantic.


  1. Jon Hall 1 year ago

    Thanks Mattia! It is quite the traveller. It seems to be doing a full tour of mediterranean beaches!

  2. Today we saw it!
    Found by Pol Planas and Aina Urizal at Port de la Selva Bay al 19:05.
    Last sightseen by Deli Saavedra, Albert Burgas and Pau Calero at 20:15h in from of Tavallera Cove at Natural Parc Cap de Creus.

  3. Author
    Mattia from Italy 1 year ago

    The whale is very undernourished. It has never seen eating, just travelling, 80-90 kms a day, and is now almost only skin and bones.

    This week Wally got caught in a fishing net in France, but managed to free himself.

  4. Tina 1 year ago

    Forgive my question if it seems…
    But is there no way to feed him/her, just to allow this calf to reach the open sea ?

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