Introducing the Mammalwatching Podcast

Charles Foley, world Big Mammal Day record holder; José G. Martínez-Fonseca, legendary Yapok, bat and rat catcher; and I are excited to share the very first episode in our new podcast.

We will interview mammalwatchers, biologists and conservationists and focus on the great stories that every mammalwatcher has. Half hour episodes will appear every two weeks. It goes without saying that we will not be taking ourselves too seriously.

We would love your feedback,  both praise and criticism, as well as suggestions for people we could interview. We are of course hoping that many of this site’s subscribers will agree to come on the show. Please send all your thoughts to me at

Jose Gabriel made this video trailer (Oscar worthy in my opinion) for us all to share with the mammalwatching skeptics in our lives.

More information and the first episode is up on and on Spotify and Stitcher. It should be appear on other podcast platforms over the coming days.

Hope you enjoy it!



  • Maurice Tijm

    Great idea Jon. Will definitely check it out.
    Feels like a you have started a full force mammal watching media campaign this month with spotify and instagram.

    • Jon Hall

      Ha ha … this is the last of the seven stages of COVID. Acceptance…. and spend time on things I’d never had the time to do before. Hope you enjoy it and please let me know either way

  • Joshua

    I have not received any post notifications during May. I just found out about the podcast Friday and subscribed. I can’t wait for more episodes!

    • Jon Hall

      Thanks Joshua, I am happy to hear you are listening! A new episode will be out in the next day or two. Sorry about the notifications. A technical problem with the site we are still trying to fix. Again hopefully in the next day or two. But for the podcast you could always subscribe to my youtube channel and get notifications of the next trailers. Cheers

      • Joshua

        Thanks Jon, I was already subscribed to your YouTube Channel, and just listened to the second episode and looked through the show notes.

        I enjoyed the part of the interview about the male vs. female mindset. It’s not strictly along the lines of gender. I am a bird-watching man (Mammals are my first love, but local birding suits my wallet better than global ticking.), and my mentality leans more towards that associated with women in the interview. I value a great experience with a fairly common bird more than ticking off a rarity or amassing a big day total. I saw an article in a bird magazine once that talked about birders as having an “inquisitive” vs “acquisitive” mindset. I think we all have at least some of both, but I’m probably 3/4 inquisitive and 1/4 acquisitive.

        I wonder if it would be possible for Facebook posts or a weekly summary of Facebook post or something along those lines could be posted here also. I refuse to use Facebook. Any content that is only on Facebook will be missed by me.

  • Jon Hall

    THanks Joshua – I really like that inquisitive/aquisitive taxonomy! I am going to remember that… makes a lot of sense. And yes I don’t believe this is totally fixed along gender lines but I do suspect that the male and female distributions of inqusitive/aquisitive might differ quite a bit. (I am a statistician by the way and I have no hard evidence for this beliefg). I know a few friends who won’t go near Facebook… but I am not sure what you have in mind about a ‘Facebook summary”. There is way to much mammal traffic on facebook to summarise (there are North American, European, African, Borneo, Se Asian mammalwatching groups plus loads more) and unfortunately many of the best videos I see these days seem to live soley on Facebook so I am not sure there is any way to share them really other than through a link … back to Facebook. But if you have any ideas about what you had in mind please let me know.

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