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This isn’t really a trip report but more a report on some of the more interesting mammals I’ve seen and where I found them.

Moose: Belchertown, running along a road during the middle of the day.

Bear: I’ve seen these a few places the North end of Quabbin, Near the river by Acadia Audubon, and at Bear Swamp trail.

Porcupine: I’ve seen them at various places in the Quabbin and the western part of the state. Unfortunately I often see them hit by cars.

Bobcat: I’ve seen one cross the road. From what I’m seeing on trail cams they are very common and widespread properties surrounding the Quabbin but I’ve not been able to get a good picture of one I saw with my own eyes.

Found a weasel a few years back in CT at a salt marsh but have not seen one sense. Wish I could find more

  1. Conuropsis 2 years ago

    Nice stuff. Evidentily bears and moose are doing well in MA and moving into CT. Had a bunch of porcupines in the Catskills yesterday, but all were road kills. Still never seen one alive there:-(


  2. Leslie Sokolow 2 years ago

    Have you posted these to iNatualist? Someone would be eager for these data points.

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