Delmarva Peninsula trip

Just got back from a short trip to the Delmarva Peninsula in DE/MD/VA from 6/3-6/21.  I go down there regularly, but not since ’19 because of the virus.  Once again it proved to be great for birds, herps, and mammals.   Since this is a mammals site I will only list the mammals I saw.  The main areas I was at were Chincoteague, Blackwater, Bombay Hook, and Prime Hook NWRs, but I did check out other areas especially around Blackwater which is great for mammals.  Here’s the list and numbers:

14+ Red Fox (seem smaller and paler down here, mostly groups of young ones in 3’s along roads and close up), 1 Striped Skunk, 4 Northern Raccoons (2 during the day), many White-tailed Deer, 15+ Sika,  several Eastern Gray Squirrels, 10+ Delmarva Fox Squirrels (doing very well though I don’t get why they are considered recovered and have been delisted),  1 Woodchuck, several Common Muskrats,  3 Virginia Opossums, 4 Eastern Red Bats (incl. 2 at my hotel flying around the lights in the parking lot, came very close to me),  1 Big Brown Bat,  and many Eastern Cottontails.  A great place to go.  Love it there.


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