Golden snub nosed monkeys; best place to see

There seems to be a fair few places where you can see golden snub nosed monkeys in the wild and they range from: 5km of forest covered in tourists feeding monkeys Bananas to 200km of forest where after 3 days you’ll catch a glimpse of them 200m away.


1. I’m hoping there’s a glorious sweet spot where there’s a natural behaving habituated group that the local tourists don’t bother with.


2. Is there anyone who knows which areas to avoid and which is best or is there are guidebook which lays out this info.

Thanks in advance



  • John Wright

    Hi Matt,
    With luck you can watch a habituated troop of Golden Snub Nosed Monkeys without many (any!) tourists. I visited the habituated troop at Foping in September 2018 (my China trip report on this website) we arrived on a rainy late afternoon about an hour before the reserve closed. My friend and I were the only two people watching the monkeys right up to the time the park closed and we had to leave. What’s more the monkeys had moved from an area where the tourist feed them further into the reserve in a more natural setting by the river. I don’t know if this was a permanent move by the monkeys and tourist are now being encouraged not to feed them.

  • robbi

    Hi Matt,

    Frankly speaking, to my mind most “habituated” Golden Snub-nosed monkey viewing sites here just something very closed to rubbish. Those monkeys been forced to stay in relatively small area which caused a lot of damage to the trees around, conbined with the poor visitor management making the sighting unpleasant.

    However, if you visit places like Tangjiahe NNR or nearby Laohegou reserve (both in nortern Sichuan) in winter or early spring, when the snow in the high mountain kept the monkeys lower down close to the river valley. With help from expericenced local guide, You might have a good chance to seeing some real wild troop in their authentic natural habitat.


  • Samuel

    The habituated troop in Foping no longer exists. The park stopped feeding and the monkeys moved backdoor deep info the forest

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