Any recommended guides to help me find mammals in Southern Arizona?

I am planning a short ( about 4 days or so) mammal-oriented trip to Southern Arizona, Tuscon and south, in early October this year.  I have received good information from the reports posted on Mammal Watching, but because I do not know the area and have relatively short time on hand, I wonder if someone could recommend a person who I could hire to guide me.  I know that there are many cool birds there, but I will focus on mammals.

Thanks for any help (including good places to check out).

Jon S.

  1. Bud Lensing 12 months ago

    Cave Creek Ranch in the Chiracahua Mtns near portal, AZ offers guides promarily for birding, but maybe they can direct you to a mammal person.

  2. Author
    Jon Swenson 12 months ago


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