Still looking for photos of 25 (rare) Neotropical Mammals

Richard Webb asked me to post this for him

Jeff Blincow and I are currently finalising a photographic guide to the larger land mammals of South America, now due to be published by Princeton University Press in the second half of 2022. There are a number of species that we are struggling to find good photos of and in particular there are 25 species, listed below, that we have yet to find any suitable photos of.

If anyone has access to any good photos, or knows anyone who does have photos of any of these species we would be grateful if you could contact Jeff at or me at



Philander deltae

Philander mondolfi

Philander olrogi

Dasypus mazzai

Cyclopes xinguensis

Cyclopes rufus

Sciurus flammifer

Microsciurus santanderensis

Coendou nycthemera

Coendou roosmalenorum

Dasyprocta guamara

Leopardus emiliae

Mustela felipei

Mico nigriceps

Mico acariensis

Saguinus martinsi

Cebus castaneus

Cebus leucocephalus

Cebus cesarae

Aotus jorgehernadezi

Plecturocebus hoffmannsi

Cheracebus regulus

Cacajao ayresi

Pontoporia blainvillei

Mazama chunyi


  • Jose R Castello

    Looking also for good photos of Mazama chunyi, in case anyone has any. Thank you!

  • twilighter

    Looking forward to his publication ! It is curious that Mustela africana is not on the list. Are there any reliable photos of this species ?

  • Richard Webb

    A good question. The list is simply species we currently have no photos or leads for. The list is likely to be expanded as there are several more that we are currently following up leads on, this includes Mustela africana.


  • tomeslice

    Wait…. the damn silky anteater has been split into 4-6 species???? Jesus…
    I’m behind!!!!
    I was so happy seeing the one in Costa Rica, I thought I got all the anteaters. Until I read this post…

    Anyway good luck! This is a great list in itself.

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