Yakutia trip report

Here is my trip report from a short research trip to the new Kytalyk National Park in Siberia: June 2021, 5 days and 7 species including wolverine and Middendorf’s vole. I don’t think anybody would go there just for mammals but it’s a great birding destination so hopefully some people here will find this report useful.


  • Jon Hall

    THis place looks fabulous from your facebook posts in particular. I hope it remains as remote and untouched for a long time. The fact it is so complicated to get to helps I am sure. Have you ever thought about guiding trips to Russia? (Assuming they let you in again after this report!)

    • Vladimir Dinets

      Of course I have. But the political sitiation in Russia is deteriorating quickly, it is already unsafe for Westerners to visit and will only get worse. The infrastructure in remote parts (which are the ones worth visiting) is decaying and that makes it difficult to plan anything in advance. I originally planned to take birders on that trip to Yakutia to cover the costs, but the risk of something going wrong was too high. I might be able to take 1-2 people if somemody is really dying to see some particular species, but I wouldn’t risk bringing a regular-size group with normal risk tolerance.

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