Locations certain species of mammals wanted France, Spain and Austria

Hi people,
I just started to collect some info on where to find certain species which I still miss on my list. I think I will travel from the 19th of July onwards. By train, but I can hire a car where necessary. My window to prepare properly is narrow. As a teacher I’m very busy at the end of the schoolyear! Ofcourse Mammalwatching.com can give me some info but I hope additionally anyone can and is willing to give me some reliable (and if possible, recent) locations to look for the following species in France, Spain and Austria (and maybe even some surrounding countries):
Common Genet
Egyption Mongoose
Fat Dormouse
Eurasian Forest Dormouse
Garden Dormouse
Iberian Ibex
Alpine Ibex
Cantabrian Chamois
Broom Hare
Eurasian Wildcat
Iberian Lynx
If necessary, contact me via a personal message! Thanks in advance!
Best regards,
Pieter de Groot Boersma


  1. Leslie Sokolow 1 year ago

    Have you checked out the maps on iNaturalist? It’s a terrific tool for trip planning.

  2. Miles Foster 1 year ago

    Iberian Ibex – sierras above Grazalema, Andalusia, Spain, e.g. Sendero del Pinsapar (which also has the largest stands of Spanish fir) but the trails are subject to restrictions – check ahead and if necessary book a permit.

    Iberian Lynx – without doubt the best place is above Embalse del Jándula, Sierra de Andujar, Andalusia, Spain, especially along the JF-5004. There are numerous reports on mammalwatching with precise details of the best spots and recommended accommodation.

    Good luck!

    • Author
      pietervogelfreak 1 year ago

      Hi guys,

      Thanks for your help!

      Hopefully the borders will stay open…

      Best regards,

      Pieter de Groot Boersma

  3. Jurek 1 year ago

    Hi Pieter,
    Most people se the Iberian Lynx at Sierra de Andujar. There, Iberian Ibex occur conveniently around the the huge Embalse del Jandula dam. I saw them crossing the stream below the dam. I also saw Garden Dormouse at night driving randomly in the area. Other people saw genets there, too, but not me.

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