Echo Meter Touch 2

Has anybody used or have any comments on the Echo  Meter Touch 2 bat detector, either in the Standard or Pro model?

It plugs into a smartphone. Information here:


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  • Jon Hall

    Keith Millar asked me to post this comment on his behalf

    “as a frequent user of the Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro I would definitely recommend it, despite the price tag. I bought mine about three years ago. Very good at picking up signals, even in a canopy-filled garden. The results are pretty accurate. Occasionally, if it only picks up a partial signal, it may tell you you’ve recorded a national rarity, e.g. a grey big-eared bat (Plecotus austriacus) in suburban London. Best then to ensure a better reading is taken and the echo meter has a chance to correct that to common pipistrelle! It may also provide likely alternatives where a signal cannot be attributed precisely to a given species, e.g. between noctule, Leisler’s or, occasionally serotine. I particularly like that the geographic coverage can be changed to reflect one’s location. So, UK, Europe, North America, or South Africa are currently covered.



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