Northern White-breasted Hedgehog Vienna locations wanted

Hi people,

Maybe a bit of a long shot this question, but Does anybody know a good location for Northern White-breasted Hedgehog in or near Vienna, Austria?

I’m currently travelling in Europe to find missing species in my list. Eg. saw a Desman yesterday!

I think I will arrive in Vienna around the 15th/16th of August to look for Ground Squirrel and Hamster. But the hedgegog is also new for me!

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,

Pieter de Groot Boersma


  • Mattia from Italy

    Not sure if the Hedgehog species in eastern Austria is europaeus or roumanicus. And not sure if this distinction has sense (Vladimir, what do you think?)…

    Anyway, hedgehogs are very common near Vienna, just drive small roads during the night south of the city, towards Neusidler See. Very good the area around Illmitz and St. Andrä eastern of Neusiedler See, even for Sousliks.

    In Vienna itself maybe try to walk in Prater Park at night with a torch, but be careful!

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