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1. A proposal to split spotted skunks into 7 species (from current 4). The data might as well be interpreted to lump them into 3 or even 2 species, but looks like I’ve seen all 7 so whatever 😉
2. Another update on Phyllotis xanthopygius complex, with a description of P. pehuenche (previously known as “sp. 2”).
3. Nephelomys albigularis split into two species. The new one is called N. ricardopalmai and occurs in montane rainforests of Peru E of Marañon river. Looks like I’ve trapped it in Abra Patricia; locations listed in the paper include Rio Abiseo NP. I have the PDF in case anybody’s interested.

  1. Author
    Vladimir Dinets 1 year ago

    Sorry, missed this one: a proposal to split forest dormice from central Iran as Dryomys pictus. I don’t think the evidence is sufficient.

  2. Paul Carter 1 year ago

    Thanks Vladimir. Can you send the Nephelomys paper.
    I see in the Phyllotis abstract that they also treat P. vaccarum as a subspecies whereas in MDD it is at species level.

  3. Mustela 1 year ago

    A new study proposes lumping both tamandua species into one species, Tamandua tetradactyla. It is based solely in mtDNA, but it includes a large database across a wide range of their distribution.

    • Author
      Vladimir Dinets 1 year ago

      mtDNA is the worst method for this, but the same result has been obtained by a morphological study (Wetzel, 1985). They should’ve been lumped a long time ago. I already have them as one species in my list 🙂

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