• Suzanne Bonmarchand

    Who should I contact to rent a hide for wolverine?

    • Mattia from Italy

      Era Eero is surely the best place in the world for Wolverine. I usually don’t like feeders, but a few years ago I made an exception for this mythical critter (it’s the only reliable way to see it… no time for staying a full winter in a mountain hut in Kamchatka 😀 ).

      Forest hide is the best for Wolverine, but at lake hide I saw even Bears and two Wolves. For Wolves you need to stay perfectly in silence. Lynx is virtually impossibile, they had just a singleton hanging around for some time ten years ago or so.

      Tomer, even you received as a gift, at the end of your stay, a Wolverine peluche? 😀

      • tomeslice

        Hey, sorry I forgot to answer.
        Yes, I got my wolverine peluche. I keep it in my living room, and every time my wife doesn’t hug me, at least it does ;-P

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