Out Now: Episode 11 of the Mammalwatching Podcast – Lisa Dabek

In the latest podcast episode, Jon Hall and I interview Dr. Lisa Dabek about her incredible 25 year study of the Matschie’s tree-kangaroo in the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea. She describes the difficulties of finding tree-kangaroos and how they’ve worked with the local communities to set up highly successful hunting free zones, where mammal populations are flourishing. Jon and I go weak at the knees listening to Lisa discuss the mammal species that can be seen in the area, and her dreams to see all 14 tree-kangaroo species. We also discover a highly innovative method to ensure that Jon retains his crown as the world’s most successful mammalwatcher.

Here is the YouTube trailer.

You can find the podcast on your favourite platform or at http://www.mammalwatching.com/podcast/

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