Walrus in the Netherlands

A few weeks ago a Walrus entered the Netherlands on the island: “Schiermonnikoog”, went further to Terschelling” and “Harlingen” after a few days. That’s were it caught my attention, i was hoping to get the possibility to go when i was free from work.

Everytime i got a day off from work the walrus wasn’t seen for a couple of days, so i didn’t have the oppertunity yet till today!!

3 days ago the Walrus was spotted at “Den Helder”, an 1,5 hour drive from my home…..i was hoping it would still be there on my day off which was today. We went to “Den Helder” at 13:30, arrived at 15:00 and saw the walrus diving and fouraging for about half an our (What a great sight!).

She was still there and she would come up every 3 to 5 minutes, but because of the wind and temperature we wanted to keep moving. Walked a little further (saw a grey seal aswell) and went back after 1 hour.

This Walrus was my first Twitchable mammal and this was a wonderfull and great way to spent the day 😀


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